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During the 2008 Presidential campaign Senator Barack Obama told audiences "Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself." Okay, comrade ....... we WILL:

How many more of his lies and broken promises is this country going to have to suffer before people realize what a load of crap he's been feeding us? Every problem, every hiccup, every social(ist) program that meets a roadblock results in complaints from him that he "inherited the problem from the Bush administration." Last time I checked, this joker was a Senator from Illinois for two years prior to his usurption of the Oval Office. During that time, his party was in the majority in Congress. So what, if any, legislation did he introduce during that time to help make things better for the country? Not a damn thing. Wake up people, he has no interest in Constitutional protections for the citizens of this country.

Why did we hear promises that all legislation signed by BO would be public, posted for several days on a White House website, and discussed thoroughly first? Because that's what the voters needed to hear to elect this charlatan. Why did he secretly sign an Executive Order allowing Interpol to operate, unrestricted, within the borders of the United States? More importantly, why did the media not cover it? That's right - Interpol can operate without FBI oversight in the sovereign territory of the United States, and no longer has to subject itself to Freedom of Information Act requests. They can, by Executive Order, arrest or detain American citizens on American soil - and not have to report it to anyone. If that doesn't concern you, what will?

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