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6th ESB, Phoenix Arizona

By late 1996, I was a junior Sergeant nearing the end of my second contract. I also had a four-month old daughter, and the ongoing one-month extensions to my contract had totally confused the military health insurance agency (CHAMPUS/TriCare) and they kept refusing our medical bills. Faced with that among other decisions, I took a few weeks leave around Christmas 1996 and headed to Colorado and Phoenix. At least that way I could also make sure I didn't get duty for Christmas..


6th ESB, 4th Marine Service Support Group

After deciding to leave active duty for whatever crazy reason, I at least opted to stay with the Marine Corps as a Reservist. I had already found a job in Chandler, AZ so drilling in Phoenix seemed to make sense.

I interviewed with MCI in Chandler AZ, and was offered a job that coincidentally started Jan 13 - not bad for a guy getting out Jan 10! I literally checked out of MALS-39 Friday and started working at MCI Monday morning. The drawback at this point was that while I had re-enlisted in the Reserves, the local unit had no openings for Sergeants. That's something I hadn't realized would be a problem when I was signing the papers, so it was a long while before I finally started drilling with 'C' Co.

Hindsight is 20/20...

MALS-39 | 6th ESB
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