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A Saga of My Time in the Corps

Here are some of my highlights...
  • Mar 31, 1988 - Enlisted in the Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program (DEP) as a Reservist. I was supposed to ship in early September for Boot Camp with further training as an MOS 5963, Tactical Air Operations Central Repairer.

  • Sep 19, 1988 - Shipped to MCRD San Diego. Shipping was delayed two weeks from the original date due to pneumonia. This would end up bumping me from the reserved school slot in 29 Palms for C+E (Communications and Electronics) School.

  •  Dec 9, 1988 - Graduated Boot Camp as a Marine PFC due to prior college credits. Assigned to MACS-23 (Marine Air Traffic Control Squadron) at Buckley Air National Guard Base, Aurora Colorado.

  •  May 1, 1989 - promoted to Lance Corporal. The promotion was in front of the entire Reserve center - MACS-23, 'P' Battery and the 4th FIIU (Fleet Imagery Interpetation Unit). Needless to say, I was junior to everyone out there so they all had a chance to congratulate me...

  • Early June 1989 - Augmentation to Active Duty and orders to NAS Millington, Tennessee to begin learning how to become a Marine Aviation Ordnanceman, intended MOS of 6521 Aviation Ordnance Munitions Technician.

  • June-September 1989 - NAS Millington. I'll add more to this section once I remember any of the details.

  • September 1989 - Upon completion of NAS Millington's Aviation Ordnance 'A' School I needed further training on how to become a Marine Ordie. That happened at Air Weapons Training Unit 3 (AWTU-3) on MCAS El Toro California, with training to become an MOS 6521 Aviation Ordnance Munitions Technician.

  • June 1990 - temporarily stationed at MCAS El Toro Station Ordnance. Little did we know that two months later I'd help empty the place to send all the ordnance to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Shield

  • December 1990 - Got my own set of orders to join MAG-11(Fwd) and unpack a lot of that ordnance I had shipped out from California

  • Aug 1, 1992 - promoted to Corporal. Shortly after this I was ordered to 3d MAW Ordnance to work as the Wing Ordnance Clerk. I reported to MGySgt W.A. "Bill" Straddeck, a Marine with over 40 years of service and 20+ years time in grade

  • July 1994 - Orders to Commander, Naval Forces Korea Detachment Pohang

  • Coming back from Korea in July 1995, I was assigned to MALS-39 in Camp Pendleton, California.

  • Dec 1, 1995 - Promoted to Sergeant.

  • Jan 1997 - Released from Active Duty, transferred to 'C' Co, 6th ESB, Phoenix Arizona (Reserve duty with a Bulk Fuel Company)

  • Jan 2000 - Honorably Discharged from Reserve Duty. No further obligated service required.

There are of course very few tangible leftovers. There are things, both good and bad, that will stay with me for the rest of my life, but relatively little can be passed along to my kids except for things I have learned. One thing I do have and can pass along is the 'fruit salad' earned during my time in the Corps. This is the fruit salad leftover from a twelve-year mini-career in the Marine Corps. Don't get me wrong; I loved my time served and often wonder why I got out, but the reality is that my fruit salad plus $3.50 will buy a large Mocha Frappuccino...

Navy Achievement Medal (2d Award) Navy Achievement Medal Navy Unit Commendation Meritorious Unit Commendation (2d Award) Meritorious Unit Commendation Good Conduct Medal (2d Award) Good Conduct Medal National Defense Service Medal Southwest Asia Service Medal Korean Defense Service Medal Overseas Service Deployment Ribbon Kuwaiti Liberation Medal (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) Kuwaiti Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
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