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Cpl Patrick's Pics

One of the regulars on Sgt Grit's Forum is an Army mom (Sergeant First Class); she is also mother to Cpl Patrick in 1st Bn, 24th Marines (4th MarDiv). He is currently with the 2d Military Police Bn, Det 'A' in the 2d FSSG. The group photo is at a camp north of Fox in Kuwait. The one with the flag was taken "on the road" in Iraq. Both were taken in early June.

Flag photo - Patrick is one the right holding the flag.
Patrick is on the right holding the flag

Group pic (below) - center, regular 8-point cover ("the little guy", according to his mom) Patrick is in the center with a regular 'soft' cover

They are using 'local' civilian drivers for transport.  Again, this is 'somewhere in Iraq'

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