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Captain Ryan 'Psycho' Ward, USMC is an AV-8B Harrier pilot with VMA-323 'Bulldogs' currently in the Persian Gulf but headed home pretty soon from what I understand. He sent a series of pictures to his sister Angela, who has graciously allowed me to post those here for all to share.
(this shot is definitely my favorite ~Yucca-man)
View of Harriers from the refueler's station
Destroyed Iraqi Anti-Aircraft gun
VMA-323 Bulldogs mascot and directional sign in the Squadron area
Psycho on the flightdeck, passing through the Suez Canal
Passing through the Suez Canal on the way home
Passing through the Suez Canal.  Harrier tied down on the flight deck. Psycho's wingman.  Looks like a 500-pound Laser-Guided Bomb (LGB) on the wing
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