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Navy Achievement Medal Navy Achievement Medal

Awarded for extraordinary performance while stationed as the Ordnance Clerk for the 3d Marine Air Wing in El Toro, CA from 1992-94. Duties included performing as the Classified Material Coordinator, Small Computer Repair and Embarkation Coordinator.
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Navy Achievement Medal (Second Award) Navy Achievement Medal (2d Award)

Awarded while stationed with Commander, Naval Forces Korea Det Pohang in 1994-95.
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Navy Unit Commendation Navy Unit Commendation

Awarded to supporting units of the First Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF) during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm 1990-91.
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Meritorious Unit Commendation Meritorious Unit Commendation

Commander, Naval Forces Korea 1994-95
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Meritorious Unit Commendation (Second Award) Meritorious Unit Commendation (2d Award)

Researching award dates; I know I rated it when I got off active duty but cannot find the supporting documentation at the present time.
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Good Conduct Medal Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal

Awarded for three years of not getting caught doing anything wrong, 1989-92
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Good Conduct Medal (Second Award) Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal (2d Award)

Another three years without getting caught. 1992-95
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National Defense Service Medal National Defense Service Medal

Awarded to military personnel active during Operation Desert Shield and later operations, 1 Aug 1090 to 30 Nov 1995. The National Defense Service Medal was recently continued to include personnel on active duty during the 'Global War on Terror' from 7 Oct 2001 to a date to be determined.
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Southwest Asia Service Medal Southwest Asia Service Medal

This campaign medal was issued following service in Southwest Asia, again during Desert Shield/ Desert Storm. The stars indicate participation in the various portions of the Campaign; Desert Shield, Desert Storm and a third star that would have been awarded for what affectionately was termed "Desert Sweep" - the cleanup operations following cessation of hostilities.
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Korean Defense Service Medal Korean Defense Service Medal

For service in Korea post-1953. This medal was recently authorized to reflect the fact that the ceasefire of 1953 did not end the Korean War, the KDSM is intended for personnel who served in-country since then.
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Overseas Service Deployment Ribbon Overseas Service Deployment Ribbon

Stationed in Korea 1994-95.
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Kuwaiti Liberation Medal (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) Kuwaiti Liberation Medal (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

I have to say the medal for this award is possibly one of the gaudiest awards worn by US forces. I'll have to put up a pic of it later, the Saudis made this medal in several levels of ornateness, but even the base model we lowly enlisted types received is supposed to be solid gold.
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Kuwaiti Liberation Medal (Kuwait) Kuwaiti Liberation Medal (Kuwait)

After several years of not thanking the US military for saving their country from the Iraqi invaders, the Kuwaiti government finally presented us with yet another Kuwaiti Liberation Medal, although in a much more subdued version than their neighbors to the southeast did.
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