Marine Corps

Sergeant's Prayer

The Sergeant's Prayer

Lord, invoke the powers of accuracy of Lou Diamond and Carlos Hathcock, the spirited tongue of Lee Ermy and the prowess of a young infantryman. Allow my judgment to equal that of Chesty's and to invoke a stare as heartening as Al Grey's. Allow my officers to have the scales fall away from their eyes and behold the demi-god that I am. Let the Gunny stand a fair distance to my grumbling and toil, yet close enough to cover my six should some puke challenge my spirit. Let not the hours grow weary, but allow for stamina to justly finish the task at hand. Nor allow the load to grow light, but the back to grow strong with each and every fight. Keep the nay-sayers at bay, or at least out of earshot, lest I see they are within the 500-meter (KD) range.

Let my fist not flay, nor swing through air, may they meet with resistance and impart knowledge and trust. Let all know both above and below, I am the Sergeant, the mighty all knowing and all seeing. I am the professional that all wish to be, Lord grant me this, as I am the one doing your biding, the Corps future is I and I will be that which is still standing when all is said and done. AMEN

The Lieutenant's Creed

This is my Sergeant. There are many like him, but this one is mine.

My Sergeant is my best friend. He is my life. I must obey him as I obey my wife.

My Sergeant without me is lucky. Without my Sergeant I am useless. My Sergeant must shoot straighter than my Lance Corporals who are trying to kill me. He must shoot them before they shoot me.

He might...

My Sergeant knows that what counts in war is not the orders I give, the noise from my suck, nor the smoke that comes out of my rear. It is the enlisted ranks that count.

He knows...

My Sergeant is superhuman, even as I am not. Thus I will follow him. I will learn my weaknesses, my strengths… if any. I will guard him against the ravages of captains and higher. I will keep my Sergeant informed and in charge, even though I'm neither. I will forever emulate him.

I will...

Before God I swear this creed. My Sergeant is the defender of my country. He is the master of my enemy. He is the savior of my life. I think I love him…. SO BE IT. UNTIL THERE ARE NO OFFICERS, BUT ENLISTED, FOREVER MORE. AMEN!

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