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Hmmm - why didn't I notice this earlier? I've got a ton of links throughout the site, but none of them are gathered together anywhere except in my internet browser history.

Sources for Manuals:
There are a couple of sources for good technical info on your Jeep - one of the recommendations I always make is that new owners find a Factory Service Manual (FSM) for their Jeep. The FSM is a model-year specific repair manual that has detailed factory repair info for your vehicle. While the Chilton's and Haynes books offer some good info at a low price, they often generalize too many procedures because of the need to cover multiple model years. Get the FSM:

www.techauthority.com - Chrysler FSMs available in hardcopy and on CD-ROM. I purchased mine in CD-ROM and print out only the pages that apply to whatever repairs I am involved in. However, they don't have older documentation available in all cases.

One Jeeper from NAXJA tried to get an FSM for his '89 Cherokee but couldn't get it from Techauthority. They referred him to Bishko Auto Books (800) 544-3312. In his case, a new, original FSM was available for $129. Available for $20 less is a xeroxed version, but prices and availability may vary.

If all else fails, eBay may have FSMs available. Be aware, many of them are illegally copied CDs or are actually parts CDs and not repair manuals.

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Last but not least...I picked this bit of wisdom about environmentalists/recreationalism from one of the gurus of Jeep Wrangler mods, "Stu" from www.stu-offroad.com. Stu got it from someone else, who heard it from someone else...etc. It certainly seems fitting to me.

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